Thursday, June 28, 2007

Solar Flare activity and extreme weather.

A peculiar feature of the freaky weather conditions that affected many areas of the globe over the last few days was that they all appeared to take place around the same time. This involved severe floods in the USA, China, Australia, Romania, and to a lesser extent the United Kingdom. In addition there was a freak snow fall in many areas of South Africa, and the opposite conditions of a severe heatwave in Greece that saw temperatures in the capital Athens rise to 46 degrees centigrade.

This astonishing unity of so many events at the same time appears to point to a single event cause and much as it may seem bewildering one web site had actually predicted this disruption at least several days in advance.

Mood Alert is a site devoted to predicting people’s moods according to the phase of the Moon and the position of the planets. They also base their judgement on the state of the Solar flux and take into account such things as Solar Flare activity and the strength of the Solar Wind that they believe is fundamental in affecting people’s moods and attitudes. They also believe that such influences have a determinative effect on the weather and also on the incidence and strength of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions.

Now whether you believe this or not the Mood Alert page of last week carried a specific warning of unsettled or unusual events ahead. And the reason for this warning? Simply that the output of Solar Flare activity had fallen to very low - even barely perceptible levels. They noted that every time this happened, strange, bizarre, or extreme weather systems were almost sure to follow. Below are the relevant graphs that illustrates this point. The first graph below shows a relatively normal period of Solar Flare activity around the 4th of June. This shows a solid wave system with a strong output.

Contrast the image above with the one below showing Solar Flare activity for the 21st of June, just shortly before these extreme weather events commenced. The difference is striking - and shows one of the most stagnant periods of flare activity for quite some time.

Currently flare activity is on the up again and the picture below shows the general state as existed at the time of this posting.

It is a fact that the latest research is beginning to confirm that the weather is uniquely affected by Solar output, and that the entire question over changed climate and extreme weather events can be answered in terms of increased Solar activity that has persisted for close on 50 years. At the very least the evidence as shown above is very interesting in the light of so many unusual events around the world over the last few weeks.